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Pathways of Inclusion

Youth across the Middle East and North Africa face many obstacles to their full social and economic inclusion. However, the Middle East Youth Initiative (MEYI) believes that with the right policies and an enabling environment, these shabab (youth) can be a source of regional economic prosperity and positive social change. In short, they are a ‘demographic gift’, a working-aged population that outnumbers those below and above working age by the largest margin in the region’s history. In helping to most effectively translate this gift into meaningful youth inclusion, and substantive regional change, MEYI’s research explores five important aspects of youth social and economic inclusion, five pathways to inclusion:

Long tedious process towards reforms

23 Mar 2011

Paul Dyer provides insight into the findings of the 2010 Arab Youth Survey. This article was originally published by Gulf News and is reposted here. The views expressed in this article are those of the published author.