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Middle East Youth Initiative in the Media

Find the latest media coverage of the Middle East Youth Initiative below.




Dubai School of Government: Project Encounter's Gulf Exchange Informs Western Perspectives (22 May 2011)

Washington Times: Desire to wed drove some Cairo protesters (22 February 2011)

NPR: Unemployment, Young Populace Create Explosive Mix (18 February 2011)

Toronto Star: Jordanians demand change - just don't touch the king (11 February 2011)

New York Times: Up With Egypt (08 February 2011)

Huffington Post: Egypt, The Age of Disruption And The 'Me' in Media (07 February 2011)

Der Speigel: Arabische Wirtschaftskrise: Kein Job, kein Geld, keine Frau (3 February 2011)

CNN: Inside the numbers: The frustrations of a generation (2 February 2011)

Foreign Policy: The Arab World's Youth Army (27 January 2011)

Dubai TV: State of Socioeconomic Development in the Arab World (20 January 2011)

Zenith (Germany): Gesellschaft: Aufstand einer betrogenen Generation (January 2011)





The Guardian: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Must Be Inclusive (29 September 2010)

Twenty-Something (Dubai TV): What Matters to the Current Youth Generation (skip to 13:55) (20 September 2010)

Gulf News: Foreign Marriages: Don't Blame it on the Dowry (10 September 2010)

America Abroad Media: Overlooked and Underpaid: Arab Youth in Today’s Economy (September 2010)

Voice of America: Arab states try to fill scientific shortfall (21 July 2010)

Forward Magazine (Syria): Vocational Priorities (14 July 2010)

(16 June 2010) مصادر: اجتماع للخبراء في دمشق لمراجعة أولويات سياسة الشباب في الشرق الأوسط

Reuters: Iran's economic woes loom larger than sanctions (4 May 2010)

BBC News: Tarik Yousef on Muslim American business summit (28 April 2010)

Reuters: Obama fulfills Cairo pledge with entrepreneur summit (26 April 2010)

World Bulletin: Obama to host summit for Muslim entrepreneurs (26 April 2010)

The National: Case spurs review of Egyptian wage laws (24 April 2010)

NPR: Iran's Economic Troubles Mount As Sanctions Loom (5 April 2010)

The National: Doha speakers warn Muslim nations are neglecting poverty and radicalisation (25 March 2010)

Wall Street Journal: Egypt Moves to Recapture Its Recent Economic Growth (10 March 2010)

Der Spiegel: Tehran Has Little Reason to Fear Sanctions (10 February 2010)

Kipp Report: Life after oil (27 January 2010)

(25 January 2010) البعث: بحضور السيدة أسماء الأسد.. مؤتمر التنمية الأول اختتم أعماله تكامل الأدوار لتحقيق التنمية المستدامة

(24 January 2010) سانا: اختتام أعمال المؤتمر الدولي الأول للتنمية في سورية ...التأكيد على أهمية تكامل الأدوار بين الحكومة والقطاع الخاص والمجتمع الأهلي في عملية التنمية

SANA: First International Conference of Development in Syria concludes activities (24 January 2010)

Yemen Times: Youth exclusion in Yemen: Tackling the twin deficits of human development and natural resources (21 January 2010)

C-SPAN: James Wolfensohn Remarks on Young Palestinians (15 January 2010)

C-SPAN: Panel on Young Palestinians (15 January 2010)

The Majalla: Labor and Education Reform Amid the Crisis (11 January 2010)

The Huffington Post: Arabia Felix 104: Why Is Yemen the New Buzzword? (10 January 2010)




The National: Service sector is waiting for Emiratis seeking opportunity (1 December 2009)

The National: Lesson No 1: improve education (29 November 2009)

The National: The challenge of tomorrow’s nation (28 November 2009)

Khaleej Times: Policies Blamed for Dent in Job Prospects for UAE Youth (11 November 2009)

(11 November 2009) البيان: «دبي للإدارة الحكومية» ومعهد ولفنسون يطلقان كتاباً حول أوضاع الشباب

The National: More youth-friendly policies needed in Middle East, experts say (10 November 2009)

Gulf News: Book: Demographic transition behind 'high unemployment' (10 November 2009)

Eye of Dubai: Dubai School of Government and Wolfensohn Center for Development at the Brookings Institution Launch Book on Regional Youth - also in UAE Today (10 November 2009)

Frontline (India): Carrot and stick (24 October 2009)

Associated Press: New, tougher Iran sanctions could strengthen hold of country's elite Revolutionary Guard (10 October 2009)

Emerging Markets: Doubts raised on Iran sanctions (4 October 2009)

PR Newswire: USAID and Georgetown Host White House, Social Innovators From Arab World at Event (23 September 2009)

BBC World Service: Newshour program on youth and the Arab Human Development Report (7 August 2009)

Christian Science Monitor: Iran's hard-liners face off over cabinet (26 July 2009)

The National: States of Emergency (24 July 2009)

The Economist: The fever under the surface (23 July 2009)

The Washington Times: Iranian women take front and center (23 July 2009)

Associated Press: Treasury boss courts Mideast, sees gradual rebound (14 July 2009)

Al-Ahram Weekly: Looking in the wrong places (2 July 2009)

Huffington Post: The Many Crises of Iranian Youth (25 June 2009)

PBS FRONTLINE: Egypt: Middle East, Inc. (23 June 2009)

New York Times: Web Pries Lid of Iranian Censorship (22 June 2009)

CNN: Commentary: Iran conflict isn't class warfare (22 June 2009)

Today's Zaman: 2009 Silatech Summit heralds new dawn for MENA youth (10 June 2009)

The Peninsula: Numerous youth employment agreements announced (9 June 2009)

AME Info: Silatech, Wolfensohn Center, DSoG, and Issam Fares Institute at AUB jointly announce: Taqeem (8 June 2009)

Gulf Times: ‘Gulf states must address job challenge’ (8 June 2009)

The National: Youth hold key to Obama’s mission (3 June 2009)

Huffington Post: Iran Election: What Is At Stake (1 June 2009)

Jeune Afrique: Chômage des jeunes : la grande menace (27 May 2009)

7 Days: When I grow up, I want to be… employed (26 May 2009)

Daily Star: Youth and peace are key Arab priorities (23 May 2009)

Al Bawaba: Young job seekers told to consider alternative careers, learn fresh skills in wake of recession (23 May 2009)

ABC News: Iran's Pres. Candidates Recognize the Web as a Go-To to Win (17 May 2009)

Christian Science Monitor: Mideast leaders defend free market at economic forum (17 May 2009)

Emirates Business 24/7: Boom and bust cycle may hit youth employment, says study (17 May 2009)

(16 May 2009) الوقت: تقرير يحذر من تأثير «الأزمة» على توفير وظائف لشباب المنطقة (See additional Arabic coverage, 14-15 May 2009:, الخليج and ايلاف)

The National: Job hunt ‘is toughest for the young’ (15 May 2009)

Khaleej Times: Prepare Now for the New Wave
of Job Seekers, Report Warns (15 May 2009)

Maclean's: How can Iran change? (14 May 2009)

The National: Middle East’s youth face 'jobs crisis' (14 May 2009)

Financial Times: Youth jobs crisis seen in Mideast (14 May 2009)

Financial Times: Downturn pressures Mideast jobs market (13 May 2009)

Business Today (Egypt): ADAA Takes Training to Youth (May 2009)

The National: Lack of confidence hampers Emiratisation (4 May 2009)

Gulf Times: Youth labs in focus at Silatech initiative (4 May 2009)

The Peninsula: Silatech to bring out study on challenges facing Arab youth (4 May 2009)

KCRW Public Radio: Barack Hussein Obama and the Muslim World (6 April 2009)

TIME: A Quiet Revolution Grows in the Muslim World (19 March 2009)

Jordan News Agency: Economic experts say unemployment rate could rise to 15 percent (14 March 2009)

TIME: Will the Economy Be Ahmadinejad's Downfall? (11 March 2009)

Bloomberg: Wary Muslims Seek More Than Gestures in Obama’s ‘Way Forward’ (10 March 2009)

Los Angeles Times: After 30 years, talk shifts from revolution to democracy (10 February 2009)

The New Yorker: Letter from Tehran: The Rationalist (2 February 2009 - abstract available; full text for subscribers only)

Egypt Daily News: Youth bear brunt of rising unemployment, says study (2 February 2009)

Les Echos: Comprendre le prix du pétrole (28 January 2009)

BBC Arabic: Tarik Yousef on Hadith Al-Saa3a, Part I (mp3, Arabic); Part II (mp3, Arabic) (21 January 2009)

Al Bawaba: Rote pedagogy and deferred adulthood main causes of stagnation among Arab youths (21 January 2009)

Gulfnews: How does Dubai measure up in standard of education? (8 January 2009)

MinnPost: As bombs falls in Gaza, young Muslims see grim future (5 January 2009)



The Kipp Report: In Egypt, love isn't enough (9 December 2008)

(8 December 2008) الحياة: دراسة لـ «بروكنغز» تربط بين أزمة السكن والعزوف عن الزواج

The National: Housing aid helps men make a start in marriage (28 November 2008)

Daily News Egypt: Housing reforms lower marriage age, says study (26 November 2008) - to request a hard copy, please contact us

Egyptian Gazette: Good News on Marriage Crisis (23 November 2008) - to request a hard copy, please contact us

The National: Look to the Arab youth, Mr Obama (14 November 2008)

Jordan Times: Queen calls for sustainable solutions to bridge gap between school and work (3 November 2008)

The Independent: Reader, I didn't marry him: blog lifts veil on match-making in Egypt (28 October 2008)

Washington Post: A Courtship Veteran Muses On Search for the Right Man (21 October 2008)

The National: Young in the Muslim World series: Charity is the spur for restless youth (14 October 2008)

The Guardian: Iraq's Missing Generation (13 October 2008)

The National: Young in the Muslim World series: A new generation for a new world (12 October 2008)

New York Times: Generation Faithful: Young and Arab in Land of Mosques and Bars (22 September 2008)

The National: Divorce rate surges in Egypt (10 September 2008)

Daily Times, Pakistan (AFP): Iran buys US wheat for first time in 27 years (27 August 2008)

World Politics Review: Iran's Inflation Woes Leave Ahmadinejad Vulnerable in 2009 Elections (30 July 2008)

The Peninsula (Qatar): Asset loss (28 July 2008)

(23 July 2008) بي بي سي: نسل جوان عرب علیرغم ثروت نفتی شکوفا نشده است - in Persian

Daily News Egypt: Marriage Cost Swells to Record High, Shows Study (18 July 2008)

PBS: The Middle Eastern Marriage Crisis (11 July 2008)

The National: The Middle East has just a few years to reap this double dividend (2 July 2008)

Daily News Egypt: Youth exclusion comes at a high price (2 July 2008)

(30 June 2008) الحياة: دراسة تصدر من بيروت وتتناول 11 بلداً في المنطقة ... الشباب نعمة لا تدوم طويلاً ... وكلفة البطالة لدى شباب الشـــرق الأوســــط 25 بليون دولار سنوياً

New York Times: MEYI Experts Featured in The New York Times (23 June 2008)

The National: Jad Chaaban and The Costs of Youth Exclusion featured in a 4-part Series (19 June 2008)

AMEInfo: A Youth Knowledge Consortium is launched to promote youth employment and entrepreneurship in the Arab World at Doha Summit (2 June 2008)

NPR: Can Cairo afford globalization? (3 March 2008)

New York Times: Stifled, Egypt's young turn to Islamic fervor (17 February 2008)

(16 January 2008) بي بي سي: بوش يعود من جولته خالي الوفاض - بتعليق جواد اصفهاني

BBC: Bush Returns from his trip empty-handed (translated version) (16 January 2008)

ABC News: President Bush continues his visit in the Middle East (14 January 2008)

CNN Politics: Dubai declares national holiday for Bush visit (14 January 2008)

Gulf News: Fountain of Youth (11 January 2008)



(PDF; 31 Dec 2007) البيان الخليجي: كلية دبي للادارة الحكومية تكشف نتائج 6 دراسات تستهدف تحسين ظروف 100 مليون شاب عربي

The Gulf Today: New ME Youth Website Launched (PDF; 31 December 2007)