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Taqeem Fund for Evaluation in Youth Employment

24 August 2011


In 2009, the Middle East Youth Initiative partnered with Silatech to establish the Taqeem Initiative with the goal of promoting a greater usage of monitoring and evaluation methodologies in the Middle East in order to expand knowledge about what works best in regard to youth programs and policies. Now, Silatech has joined with the Youth Employment Network and the Jacobs Foundation to establish the Taqeem Fund for Evaluation in Youth Employment. The new fund seeks to build on the momentum and increased openness in the region to testing new approaches to the pressing youth employment challenge.

For many smaller organizations or programs that are implementing innovative solutions to the youth employment challenge, an inability to robustly monitor, measure and report on their impacts can severely impede their growth potential. This new initiative will support a select grouping of small and medium sized youth employment programs from across the Middle East in developing strategies for proving evidence of their impact through cost-effective, mass-market technology-based tools and will promote the results to a broader community of policymakers, practitioners and funders.

The Taqeem Fund for Evaluation in Youth Employment is currently seeking applications from organizations seeking to implement monitoring and evaluation solutions for their innovative approaches to the youth employment challenge. Through this application process, ten organizations from across the region will be selected as members of the Taqeem Community of Practice whose goal is to design and test appropriate, efficient and innovative monitoring and evaluation solutions for their initiatives.

Interested parties are asked to submit an online application to participate in the Taqeem Fund by 5 September 2011.  For specific eligibility requirements, applications and further information, interested parties should visit or contact with specific questions.